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Financial-Domination (Fin-Dom) -Slavery, Control, Exploitation is a frequent request to Dominant Women. Unfortunately, these requests often turn out to be fantasies of pathetic little males who have nothing better to do with their time than waste it along with that of the Domina whom they are attempting to engage in mutual communication, with no intention of follow-through.

This indulgence if for those who seek out a strong-willed woman, who takes what she wants from them without a care in the world. This is for those of you who know there place in life, on your knees serving me! So read carefully before contacting me!

I am a lady with expensive taste. I enjoy the finer things in life and what I enjoy even more is when you pay for it!

As my sub, your life will have a purpose, knowing that your servitude contributes towards my fun and pleasure. Do not be complacent as I will expect you to work hard for My pleasure. To serve..amuse and indulge me.

Do not waste My time by asking if you can be My financial sub. Firstly to show your worthiness and for me to take notice of you, you will need to send a tribute (min £150) via a transfer method ( Wise or bank)


send a very generous Amazon giftcard (£150+) to my email address (Must be from )


you can send me a generous gift (£150+) from my various wishlists on my spoil me page


Click on donate credits button , and give generously! 


Anything less than 3 figures will be considered silent tributes


You will not expect anything in return for your financial servitude. "Tributes" and "gifts" do not "buy" my time or qualify you as a financial sub. To qualify as a financial sub, once you have done the above you must apply. Fill in the form here and  after reviewing the information that you provide I will determine if you would be a desirable sub or not.



Be my Human ATM 

You shall pay an initial installation fee of no less than £100 via bank transfer.

I will issue demands for you to dispense via your initial contact method. These will be done efficiently as all good machines do.

All ATMs have withdrawal limits – you will tell Me yours. You will also have options to pay a weekly maintenance fee and be referred to by your machine number.

You will not be entitled to photos of what I have purchased, nor shall I be providing receipts showing where I shop. Machines should know how to behave themselves.

Failure to comply up to the agreed weekly limit will see you blocked with an unblocking fee of £100.

A broken ATM is of no use to Me!


Adopt a bill

 Please see here for info



Money makes the world go around… and your world should revolve around Me!

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