Etiquette for all Bookings



  • You must be over the age of 18
  • No Trades or bartering
  • Not be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs
  • I do not engage in any activities that risk communicable disease or bodily harm
  • During fetish sessions I'm here to offer My Domination, not to receive yours. No pushy bottoms or scene directors
  • During fetish sessions my choice of attire will entirely be my own. Any suggestions made will be taken under advisement.
  • All sessions occur at My discretion and I reserve the right to refuse to see or session with anyone who violates the terms of our agreement.


In preparation for your appointment with me:

  • Hygiene: I insist on perfect cleanliness of myself , and my facility and demand the same from my visitors. I expect a well-scrubbed body (particularly in those hard-to-reach areas), fresh-smelling breath, and clean hair. any less shows a lack of common courtesy. It is entirely acceptable to freshen up before, and/or after our appointment as part of your scheduled time, and I have full shower facilities available.
  • Health and Allergies: Please advise of any health issues, heart conditions, any conditions already being treated by a medical practioner, any prescribed medication you may be taking or any known allergies that may adversly affect you having a treatment/session
  • You will not be able to have a massage/session with me if you have: Fever, Contagious diseases, including any cold or flu, no matter how mild it may seem, Recent operations or acute injuries, Neuritis, Skin diseases
  • Skin conditions: Please advise of any skin conditions you many have as, certain skin conditions are contagious and would not be suitable for massage or wrestling sessions
  • Alcohol and drugs: Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including prescription pain medication
  • Attire: Arrive dressed and accessorized as if you were attending an appointment or lunch meeting. Any items that you decide to bring should be wrapped or carried as discreetly as possible.
  • Discretion: Remember, discretion is key to maintaining everyone's privacy and safety.


Client confidentiality

  • I offer a professional service and adhere to a strict code of conduct, practice and ethics. I will not disclose any identifiable or sensitive information to any third party. All conversations and session content are held in the strictest of confidence- respecting clients privacy and confidentiality are paramount at all times.
  • Please note any telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and/or personal information of clients will NOT be disclosed to any other party or held on file.
    There is a strict NO CALL back service (unless otherwise specified or as part of an agreed scenario in a fetish booking).
  • It is very important that you feel safe and comfortable when booking and attending an appointment so you can let go and fully enjoy your time with me.