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Want to hear my sexy voice purring just for you? Fantasy and Extreme phone sessions, Dominant or submissive... I want to get to know you really well. Tell me all about yourself, about your fantasies, I'm here to listen and fulfil your desire! Call or text me now!


To phonechat via direct chat

If the button below is green and showing " I'M ONLINE", It means I'm ready for some fun. So cum and chat with me! Just click the button below, buy your credits, sit back and get flirty with me!


5.5 credits (£5.50) per minute

(No taboo/raceplay)


** Members of my XXX site  get a special "members only " direct chat rate of 3.3 credits (£3.30) per minute, so why not become a member today **


Chat schedule

All Times are in GMT and are subject to change

Monday 2pm-11pm
Tuesday 11am-late
Wednesday 11am-11pm
Thursday 11am-11pm
Friday 2pm-late
Saturday 11am-late
Sunday 11am-11pm


If you are not able to get through on direct chat or if I am not showing up as online, please make a phone chat booking with me as shown below or you can always try again a little later.


Pre-booked Chat

(Skype/ Whats'app (no video)/or Mobile)

Onlyfans (paid) and my saharaknite.exposed subscribers get 25% discount of my basic rate. See below

Onlyfans subscribers will need to email me their onlyfans user name and skype/contact number so that I can add them.

Saharaknite.exposed members will need to message me on the site using the chat button with their  skype/contact number so that I can add them.

Duration and rates

Chat Type

Min Duration

Basic Rate

25% discount

Basic Additional rate

per 5 min increment

25% discount

Erotic chat

Super filthy

( No Taboo chat)

5 mins £25 £18.75 £22  £16.50

Taboo chat

Hardly any limit chat

(No blasphemy )

5 mins £50  £37.50 £40 £30

Fetish & domination or confessional

Domination or we can just discuss your kinks/fetishes, or you can just confess all your sins to me!

(no Taboo)

5 mins £25  £18.75 £22  £16.50

Loser ignore Line

Scared to talk to Me? Too broke to call my regular lines? Maybe you're that special kind of loser who doesn't even deserve to pay for my attention? Then this line is for you.

* This is an IGNORE line. When you call you get to listen in on whatever I happen to be or not be doing at that moment, but don't expect any kind of attention or acknowledgement.
Skype 5 mins only £6  n/a £4  m/a

If you want me to watch you on cam whilst we chat.

This is for those who want me to watch them on cam whilst we chat

Please note I will not be on cam
 n/a  n/a  n/a £10 for duration of chat bookedOnly available when booked in addition with one of  the above chat services  n/a

General chitchat

We can talk about whatever you like.

(Non business. No erotic /taboo/fetish chat)

5 mins £20  £15 £18  £13.50

Business advice

Advice getting into the adult industry as a producer/ male performer etc

30 mins £150  n/a n/a  n/a



Text-based message sessions

( Telegram, or via the platforms listed)




FREE Only Fans Page


$3.00 per text reply i send back

$10 per voice note i leave

This text service is perfect for those who cannot phone-chat but still want to send sexy flirty messages.

Please note I do not send pictures in text chat but you can send me your pics.

Please be aware that I may not be able to answer all text messages straight away

(Please ensure that you leave your id for whatever platform you wish to chat on when you are booking) 

* Fair usage applies at a rate of £1.90 per text reply i send back to you

*Service Charges. You are responsible for any and all charges you may incur arising from your use of this service, including but not limited to charges billed by your mobile phone carrier, internet provider, Skype, or any other service provider.

30 mins 

* To be used up within a 24 hour period

* Reply for reply


60 mins

* To be used up within  24 hour period

*reply for reply



10 minutes a day x 7 days

*reply for reply



10 minute x 11 sessions spread over the month.

* Minutes cannot be rolled over and must be used within the month

* reply for reply



10 minutes everyday for  30 days (1 month)

* Minutes cannot be rolled over and must be used within the month

* reply for reply



How to make your chat/text booking

  • If I am not showing online for pay per minute chat and you wish to prebook a chat session with me or wish to book a text chat with me, please contact me using the booking form with the date, time and duration you wish to book for and I will get back to you, with my availability.
  • Once we have agreed upon a day and time you will need to pay for your session.
  • For UK based customers, payment will also be accepted by UK bank transfer or via circlepay. See booking information
  • For all non UK based customers, all prebooked chat and text sessions will need to be paid for via the donate credits button below. Do not forget to enter your name/ full correct email and let me know the chat/text method you will be using. IE if you want to chat on skype, please provide your skype id so that I can add you. If you wish to chat/text via Whats app or mobile you will need to email me. A number will be provided upon receipt of payment.
  • Once I have received your payment I will email you to confirm.
  • Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes from when you have requested your chat session, to the session taking place.
  • If you book a chat please ensure that you are available and ready for the duration you have booked.
  • Sessions cannot be carried over if for whatever reason you have to cut the session short! NO REFUND!

Click below to buy your credits and let's get chatting!

1 credit = £1